The Microbiome Clean Movement is Here!

Skincare, Makeup & Hair Care products formulated to support the balance of your natural skin barrier and target aging with clinically-proven prebiotic and probiotic formulations.

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The Microbiome Clean Movement

We formulate microbiome clean, effective products to be shared by people with a common purpose. Our  stringent product development process excludes more than 6,905 ingredients that are known or suspected to be harmful to your overall well being to ensure your skin’s unique microbiome is preserved.

Our products contain both prebiotic and probiotic ingredients that work to support your skin’s delicate microbiome. Our formulas supplement your skin with advanced anti-aging compounds.

Clinically Proven Results


TrūAura’s products have been clinically proven to:

Preserve the richness and diversity of the skin microbiome

Be microbiome friendly

Preserve the health and balance of the skin microbiome

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