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Are you noticing dark freckles, patches of darkened skin or red, brown or grey splotches on your face, hands or arms?
Does your hair look limp, flat or thin? Do you notice a lot of hair on your comb or brush after using them?
Skin is the body’s largest organ. It is made of three layers that produce thousands of cells that renew approximately every four weeks.
Following a regular skincare program keeps your skin cleansed, hydrated and protected. A simple skincare routine for your face includes washing with a mild…
Are you noticing wrinkles around your eyes, mouth or cheeks? Although wrinkles are an inevitable part of aging, there are ways to delay their formation, minimize their appearance and slow down their development.
If you think facial toner is a negligible step in your skincare routine, think again.
The holiday season is a time of sharing and connecting with family, friends and others we care about. Parties, celebrations and feasts mark traditions and enhance the festive atmosphere.
The holiday season is here. It is a time of joy and good will filled with family, friends, parties, celebrations and giving.
Are you too tired or too rushed in the mornings to think about applying your makeup? There is no need to worry as you peer into the mirror and wonder how you will make yourself presentable on a moment’s notice.