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A recent article in Glamour discussed skin rewilding – the process of taking the skin back to its natural state and restoring its microbiome.
July 15th, 2023 recognizes clean beauty and encourages individuals to make conscious choices in their skincare.
Follow these eye makeup tips to accentuate your feelings, emotions and personal style.
World Microbiome Day 2023 aims to educate and inspire people to explore diverse microbial communities.
Read our summer skin care guide from Chief of Product Development, Gary Jones, to enjoy vibrant, healthy skin with maximum hydration and anti-aging protection all summer long!
Find out why our brand ambassadors and brand partners think there’s a place for you at TruAura Beauty, especially when juggling motherhood alongside a career.
One of this year’s biggest skincare trends to watch is the rise in probiotic skin care. Women pay more attention to face lotion ingredients inside their skin care routines.
Coping with those moments when you just don’t feel pretty can take a toll on your sense of self. Here are a few ways to cope with your “less-than-glowing” moments.
Get anti aging tips and an age-defying gameplan to combat your skin’s loss of collagen and elastin to boost age-rewinding results.
Are you looking for the perfect gift for your mom? You know what your mother means to you. Make Mother’s Day come alive with a meaningful Mother’s Day gift.
Are you noticing dark freckles, patches of darkened skin or red, brown or grey splotches on your face, hands or arms?
Does your hair look limp, flat or thin? Do you notice a lot of hair on your comb or brush after using them?
Skin is the body’s largest organ. It is made of three layers that produce thousands of cells that renew approximately every four weeks.
Following a regular skincare program keeps your skin cleansed, hydrated and protected. A simple skincare routine for your face includes washing with a mild…
Are you noticing wrinkles around your eyes, mouth or cheeks? Although wrinkles are an inevitable part of aging, there are ways to delay their formation, minimize their appearance and slow down their development.
If you think facial toner is a negligible step in your skincare routine, think again.
The holiday season is a time of sharing and connecting with family, friends and others we care about. Parties, celebrations and feasts mark traditions and enhance the festive atmosphere.
The holiday season is here. It is a time of joy and good will filled with family, friends, parties, celebrations and giving.
Are you too tired or too rushed in the mornings to think about applying your makeup? There is no need to worry as you peer into the mirror and wonder how you will make yourself presentable on a moment’s notice.
You might wonder what you can do to keep our natural world safe and beautiful. There are several, simple ways to conserve water, reduce waste and avoid products that degrade the environment.
Makeup and beauty products on store shelves are not regulated and can leave you feeling less than confident about your choices.
When shopping ahead for your loved ones, sometimes it’s easier to buy things that will be universally loved — it’s a no-stress way to get items that will work perfectly in any holiday gift basket, stocking or personalized gift-set.
Cleansing your face the right way is absolutely key if you want to ensure that the rest of your routine has a solid foundation
What is beautiful? Compassion and kindness. Our team has always believed that there’s more to beauty than what’s visible to the naked eye.
Whether you have 15 minutes or 2 hours, here are our favorite tips for showing yourself a little love
This year, we’ve curated a selection of specials on products that will make Mom feel special every single day!
The easiest way to create a makeup look that suits your unique personality and occasion is to start with a flawless, natural looking base.
Every aspect of our product development has been considered to go beyond clean, so that we can make choices that help with long term health of people and the planet.
We went the extra step and put our skincare to the test through an independent, 8-week set of clinical trials and we’re excited to share them with you.
With the growing awareness about the benefits of masking, we’ve seen a big spike in the use of more decorative face masks to bring a little cheer and optimism to something that serves such a serious purpose.
Since we talk so often about probiotics, we thought it would be helpful to further breakdown prebiotics and postbiotics in this post.
Winter holidays are a great time for fun, but the harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin!
Find out how our products work so well across all seasons, especially during the dry winter months.
Starting early on your holiday shopping is the easiest way to give yourself some padding of time, so you can sit back and relax.
Our luxurious cream concealer contains a probiotic ingredient with natural oils to deliver flawless coverage and sustain the skin’s healthy microbiome.
Here are our top three, easy ways to address summertime skin changes without having to upend your entire skincare routine.
We’re a beauty brand, but from the start we’ve always been driven to help our customers discover a new way to care for their skin and overall well-being.
Different types of peptides have different effects, from smoothing wrinkles or repairing barrier function to increasing firmness and hydration.
Your skin’s natural pH levels are normally in the acidic level on a scale, and is naturally at an average of about 5.5, which is leaning towards being slightly acidic.
Lead and other heavy metals may be lurking as a hidden toxin in your lipsticks right now. Find out why.
While many fragrances in skincare and perfume may sound extremely natural, especially the ones that are named after flowers and herbs, many products are using synthetic fragrances that simple mimic the real thing.
Tru Aura is dedicated to creating products that, instead of trying to change the skin or alter it, partner with the natural processes and give them a boost.
Your skin produces either too much or not enough oil for a reason. Find out how to treat oily and dry skin.
The real superstar of every good night-time skincare routine is a great night cream.
Here’s a quick and easy breakdown that’ll help you get the facts straight about your skin’s microbiome.
Regardless of the reasons why you apply nightcream, here are the top four ways to maximize the healing, anti-aging effects of your night cream.
A face tonic should be used between cleansing and moisturizing, but it can be easy to forget about using skin toner.
Our Nourishing Cleanser formula is simple yet employs the best ingredients available to bring our revolutionary microbiome technology to you.
Our natural circadian rhythms do more than just regulate when we fall asleep. Our skin actually responds to circadian rhythms too.
Supermodels list this as their number one tip to achieving their flawless supermodel face. Find out now.
The microbiome is essential for skin health; and every day scientists are discovering how much of an impact skin health has on our bodies.
Today’s moisturizer is exciting as the lines between makeup and skincare are quickly blurring. We cover some of the latest in what moisturizer can do for our skin.
Our team works hard to hand-select ingredients that give your skin the support it needs. We create products that work hand-in-hand with your biological systems.
A look back at how we discovered soap, from ancient times to modern day, microbiome-focused skincare products.
Balancing your skincare regime with the use of prebiotics, probiotics, and microbiome-friendly products is the best way to ensure the optimum skin.
Both prebiotics and probiotics play an important role in healthy, beautiful skin. Use skincare that is formulated with them. Here’s why.
Probiotics can be found in more than just yogurt! Find out why we put probiotics in our skincare formula.
The microbiome is formed from the moment of birth and influenced by your diet, your experiences, medications, what you are exposed to and where you live.