French Girl Chic

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French Girl Chic with Clean Color Makeup For a timeless look that is grabbing attention today look to France for inspiration. The effortless charm of French beauty is captured in the clean skin, bold lip trend…or French Girl Chic. The look is about embracing natural beauty and enhancing your natural features without going overboard. The […]

The Season to Give (and Get) Microbiome Friendly

Ready or not…here come the Holidays. And the decorating, shopping, events, family…and well…STRESS! The biggest stressors remain time and money. Through it all…we can help you save time, enjoy deals, and celebrate without the insanity. People are gift shopping more than ever. Close to 222 million Americans (85%) plan to purchase gifts for friends and loved […]

Skincare Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

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“I was today years old when…” Odds are you’ve seen more than one meme like this in your social feeds. While they are often good for a smile, the fact that there is always something for us to learn is undeniable…and good practice! In the spirit of “it’s never too late to learn” here are […]

A Place for YOU at TrūAura

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Find out why our brand ambassadors and brand partners think there’s a place for you at TruAura Beauty, especially when juggling motherhood alongside a career.

How to Beat Back-to-School Stressors

How to Beat Back-to-School Stressors

If your anxiety level is rising as the new school year approaches, you are not alone. A survey showed that 63% of mothers experience anxiety as their children head back to school. It is normal for children to feel nervous about entering a new classroom and facing new social and academic challenges. However, parents also […]

The Importance of Self Care

The Importance of Self Care

We hear about self-care a lot these days. Although it may be today’s buzzword, the medical, social, mental and emotional benefits of taking care of yourself are well-documented. Doctors, physical therapists, psychologists and alternative medicine practitioners all emphasize the importance of staying mentally, spiritually and physically healthy. As busy women, we often care for ourselves […]