‘Simply Summer’ Picks

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Read our summer skin care guide from Chief of Product Development, Gary Jones, to enjoy vibrant, healthy skin with maximum hydration and anti-aging protection all summer long!

Skincare Trends to Watch

One of this year’s biggest skincare trends to watch is the rise in probiotic skin care. Women pay more attention to face lotion ingredients inside their skin care routines.

6 Sustainable Swaps for your Beauty Routine

6 Sustainable Swaps for your Beauty Routine

You might wonder what you can do to keep our natural world safe and beautiful. There are several, simple ways to conserve water, reduce waste and avoid products that degrade the environment.

Why are My Hands so Dry During the Summer?

Why are My Hands so Dry During the Summer?

You moisturized your hands to get through the bitter winter weather, you maintained such healthy skincare habits in anticipation of warmer weather! Now here we are! Summer is in full effect. It’s the most popular time of the year for showing off your skin! Did you know that even though hands dry out during winter, […]

How to Balance and Maintain Your Skin’s Microbiome

Woman loves her healthy skin

Can you guess what the largest organ in the human body is? Most people think it’s the heart or the liver, but the largest human organ is actually the one we wear on the outside: our skin! Although sensation is one of the skin’s primary functions, perhaps its most important function is protecting the rest […]