Oct 18, 2022

Everyday Essential Cosmetics We Can’t Live Without

Are you too tired or too rushed in the mornings to think about applying your makeup? There is no need to worry as you peer into the mirror and wonder how you will make yourself presentable on a moment’s notice. Here are great tips for everyday makeup that we can’t live without.  These core essential cosmetics will make you look great, no matter which side of the bed you get up on!


Look over our list of makeup essentials to make sure you have the basic makeup products every gal needs. If you do not have these everyday makeup essentials, take advantage of our October sale, which includes discounts up to 40% off on foundation and skincare essentials!

Our core clean color makeup list:

• Moisture-balancing facial mist

• Foundation

• Concealer

• Blush

• Bronzer

• Eyeshadow and mascara

• Lipstick and moisturizing gloss


Let’s start with the tools you’ll need to apply your look. You can enhance your beauty routine by using these tried-and-true beauty tools for effective, smooth application of eye makeup, blush and bronzers. Our professional brush set includes four brushes: two for the face and two for the eyes.

Apply and blend your powder foundation and bronzer with the contoured powder brush! Follow with the angled blusher brush to apply blush and add bronzer highlights. Use the all-over brush for the eyes for an even application of eyeshadow across the eyelids. Use the crease brush to add drama and color in the crease. The result is a glowing look using everyday makeup products that will get you started on your day.


Hydration is essential to skin health. Spritz our Balancing Facial Mist over clean skin in the morning before you apply moisturizer and after to help set your makeup. Use it in the evening before bed to hydrate while you sleep. Our special formula uses natural plant extracts, probiotics and vitamins to nourish the skin and keep moisture locked in. Our facial mist is on sale in October as part of a special skincare trio offer.


Foundation evens out skin tones, smooths the skin’s surface and reduces shine. Choose either powdered or liquid formats. TrūAura’s foundations move with your skin, minimizing imperfections and creating an attractive finish to your face. Our colors complement a wide range of skin tones. If you cannot find a shade that matches your coloring, combine two to get the perfect color. Our entire line of liquid foundation is on sale through October. When you buy two, we donate one liquid foundation to Project Beauty Share.


If you need a bit of touchup to hide dark circles or blemishes beneath your eyes, concealer does the trick! Gently blend into foundation with a sponge or finger tips to create a flawless look. Natural oils, vitamins and pigments made from minerals nourish skin. Select a shade that complements your skin tone and works with your foundation.

Create a mood, enhance your style and add drama to your makeup with eyeshadow and mascara. Choose cool colors for blue or light-colored eyes. Try warm colors with brown or dark eyes. Our eyeshadows do not cake or smudge, allowing you to be confident that your eye makeup remains flawless throughout the day. Our eye makeup remover hydrates while gently removing mascara and makeup at the end of the day.


Bronzer enlivens the complexion, creating drama and highlights on cheeks, brow, chin and neck. Use it before blush, after blush or blend any time during your beauty session to create a glow.

Blush adds color and drama to your face. We make our colors from natural minerals that complement warm and cool skin tones. Select a shade of blush that works with your skin type and blends well with the foundation, bronzer and concealer you use. Berry and poppy are cool colors, and warm sand and coral are warm colors. Our two-color duo packs include a light and a dark shade to let you highlight, soften and enhance your cheeks, forehead and chin.


Lipstick and gloss give you that pop of color to truly round out your makeup routine! Our lipsticks and balms keep lips moistened throughout the day. Select a color from our assortment of saucy pinks, stunning corals, classic reds and subtle neutrals. Some shades complement the cool tones of our eye makeup, blushers and foundations. Others harmonize with warm skin tones and the corresponding shades of our everyday makeup essentials. For an understated look, go with a sheer lip balm that adds shine as it hydrates.

Our makeup consultants can help you select colors and products that work with your beauty routine and skin type. Ask them to discuss our full makeup list so that you can select products that are just right for you!


As part of our commitment to our community, we are donating makeup to Project Beauty Share. We will donate one liquid foundation for every two you purchase in October. Project Beauty Share is a nonprofit o provides personal care, beauty and hygiene items to area nonprofits that support women and families who are in need. The goal is to help women regain and maintain their dignity as they are in transition and getting back on their feet.

Our October specials give you the tools to establish and maintain a beauty routine that helps you look your best as you start your day. Take advantage of our special offer that helps other women find dignity and gain self-esteem.