Eye Makeup Trends to Try This Year

A woman’s eyes often speak more eloquently than words, communicating emotion, spirituality and knowledge. If you want to create a unique look and enhance the beauty and mystique of your eyes, here are eye makeup tips that can accentuate your feelings, emotions and personal style.

Doe Eye Makeup

Doe eye makeup creates a round, wide-eyed look that implies innocence and youthfulness. Doe eyes look softer and more natural than other eye makeup styles. This look suits almost all eye shapes and is popular with celebrities like Sydney Sweeney and Yara Shahidi.

The technique uses white eyeliner on the lower waterline, a slight wing at the outer eye and brushes lush lashes straight up. Subtle shadow on the eyelids and rosy blush following the cheekbones up to the outer corners of the eyes emphasize the look. A doll-eyed style suits any occasion.

Here is how to do it:

1. Use a soft matte eye shadow in a neutral shade that works well with your skin tone, such as TrūAura’s Coffee Shop Color Balance Eyeshadow. Apply over the eyelid and blend in a circular shape. Use a darker shade on the outer lid and a lighter shade on the inner lid. Blend them together.

2. Apply a thick line of eyeliner on the upper lid, widening the line toward the outer corner. Add a small wing if you like that look. Use a white or brightening liner on the waterline below the eye. Dot a light color of eye shadow on the inner corner to make your eyes look bigger.

3. Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes so that they stand straight up. Adding more mascara on the center lashes enhances the wide-eyed look.

4. Brush blush or highlighting bronzer on the cheekbones, carrying it to the outer corners of the eye. Blend as it nears the eyes.

Doe Eye vs Siren Eye Makeup
Credit to Smitha Deepak

Siren Eyes Eyeliner Technique

For a smoky, sultry look, go for siren eyes. Siren-style eyes evoke a look of a dangerous seductress, such as Bella Hadid or Dove Cameron.

In this style, winged eyeliner, smoky, smudged shadow and an upward flick at the corners lift and elongate your eyes. Although this style works with all eye shapes, it is especially effective on almond-shaped eyes. Go for this style when you want a sophisticated, sultry look.

Here is how to get the Siren eyes makeup style:

1. Apply a brownish matte eye shadow darker than your natural skin tone on the upper lid along the lash line, extending it beyond the corners. Curve it upward to create a wing. To accentuate the effect, apply darker brown shadow at the outer edges up to the crease line.

2. Starting at the center of your eye, apply a dark liner in a thin line with a wing at the corner. For downward-turning, round or hooded eyes, draw a straight line. For almond eyes, follow the shape of the eye. Slightly smudge the liner at the outer corners, blending liner and shadow. Using a bit of shadow on the bottom outer corners intensifies the look.

3. Apply a razor-thin line of liner in a V-shape along the waterlines of the lashes at the top and bottom inner corners. Do not extend the line past the inner third of the eye.

4. Use volumizing mascara, sweeping lashes upward and outward.

Upside-Down Eye Shadow Technique

Upside Down Eye Shadow Technique
Credit to foreo.com

For a playful eye makeup look, try upside-down eye shadow, using bright, bold colors on the lower lid. You can accentuate the color, shape and size of your eyes, match your outfit and avoid the harsh look of a solid dark line that makes eyes look smaller. Wear this style for any occasion—a party, night out or the office. Play it up or tone it down to get the look you want.

1. Prep lids and under-eye area with a primer to make a smooth surface. Line your upper lid, keeping shadow understated. Line the lower waterline with white liner.

2. Choose a color palette for the lower lid, going from lighter at the inner corner to brighter at the outer corner. Combining bright colors with metallic or bronze highlighter adds dimension. Blend well where colors meet. Experiment with color, placement of shadow and thickness to personalize the look.

3. Dust off excess shadow. Apply mascara.

Glam Grunge Eyes

Of all the eye makeup trends, the grunge look reinvents itself more often than most. You can create your own grunge makeup style within the genre. Here are several tutorials with variations on this style ranging from vamp to romantic.

Glam Grunge Eyeshadow Example
Credit to instyle.com

Here are key techniques to get this Glam Grunge look:

1. Use matte foundation, and avoid shine and glitter.

2. Draw attention to the eyes with dramatic, dark, heavy lines. Use dark brown, grey or black eye shadows and volumizing mascara to enhance the look.

3. Finish with bold lipstick in red, purple, brown or black.

Monochromatic Makeup

Perfecting your look means choosing colors that complement your skin tone and accentuate your natural coloring. Monochromatic makeup is a simple, effective way to look your best for an evening out, everyday wear or the office. Choose the same color palette for your eyes, skin and lips, blending dark into light for a professional, smooth look. For special occasions, add glitter and texture to accentuate drama and contrast.

1. Choose a color palette, such as peach, berry, neutral or brown. You can scale it up or down depending on the look you want.

2. Apply a neutral primer or foundation to eyelids and face.

3. Apply shadow over the entire lid. Blend at the outer corners so that it fades out above the cheekbones.

4. Highlight cheekbones with blush, blending upward toward the eye.

5. Finish with volumizing mascara and lipstick that complements the palette.

Monochromatic Makeup
Credit to Alia Bhatt, hersindagi.com

Inner Corner Eye Highlights Add Brightness

Each eye-enhancing makeup technique creates a distinctive look that defines your unique style. If you have dark under-eye circles or small or close-set eyes, adding brightness to the inner corner makes your eyes look bigger and sparkle.

There are several ways to do it:

Inner Corner Eye Highlight
Credit to Kiis Beauty

1. Check out TrūAura’s Advanced Repair Eye Treatment that helps minimize dark circles. Clinical trials showed that using our core skincare products for eight weeks reduced dark circles by 100% and brightened skin by 95%.

2. Dab eye highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes. Use a neutral shade for a subtle look or a glittery, metallic one to exaggerate the effect.

3. A bright eyeliner extending to the inner corner adds color and texture to your look.

TrūAura’s makeup and skincare products are made with natural ingredients that support the skin’s microbiome and keep your skin healthy. Our Clean Color makeup comes in several color palettes that complement every skin tone. Choose liquid or powder foundations, eye shadow, blush and lipsticks to create the look you want.

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