May 25, 2023

A Place for YOU at TrūAura

With options…Brand Ambassador, Brand Partner or Brand Practitioner EVERYONE has a place that fits at TrūAura.

For me, it began by choosing products that are clean and free of harmful ingredients. This aligns with my approach to homelife, my every day life and my role as a mother.

What Motherhood Means to Me

Motherhood means showing up every day to ensure my kids know just how loved they are. It’s my job to guide, model, and teach them so that one day they’re able to make the right decisions on their own. Motherhood means sacrifice. It’s simultaneously challenging and rewarding, repetitive and mundane yet brand new and leaves you full of pride daily.

The Healthy Skin Bundle is my foundation and the Hair and Body Care products are so important for creating confidence and carving out important self care moments.

But, the biggest fit of all is time and schedule. Especially as a mother of 2 children under 4 years old.

Brand Partner Logan Maloney

With TrūAura, I found the flexibility I needed to feel like I could be at home with my babies and watch them grow, while having my own outlet to help others in another way.

And with my TrūAura gig, bringing the healthiest and most effective beauty products to women and empowering them to take care of themselves (and look good while doing it) is fulfilling in a brand new way. The opportunity to make it a business is another part that I love. It’s not one size fits all…it’s scalable so I get to choose where, when, and how much work I do at any given moment. There’s a community of support and resources for those who want it, and it’s a fabulous outlet to do something for myself while sharing products that I love.

Logan Heath Maloney,
Brand Partner

TrūAura Beauty Brand Ambassadors  Share Their Experience

Brand Ambassador Tina McCoy

“I am so excited to be a Brand Ambassador with TrūAura.  I have used this product for 5 years and love the results I get.  I had been sharing with my friends, so being an ambassador just seemed to fit my love of sharing already.  I love the ease of being able to share my link with people I come in contact with and sharing on my social platforms.  Making money while sharing what I love is so much fun.”

Tina McCoy,
Brand Ambassador
Brand Ambassador Tammy

“I am absolutely blown away at what TrūAura has to offer everyone.  We now offer so many avenues for income and growth it is so impressive.  I love being able to find the perfect match of TrūAura  with what fits that person’s lifestyle and needs at the time.  Being able to help others grow and reach their potential is so rewarding for me too.  Watching others be able to add to their income while helping others is a simple win win win for everyone.  I can’t imagine someone not finding the perfect place to be in TrūAura”

Tammy Clary,
Brand Partner