Ready or not…here come the Holidays.

And the decorating, shopping, events, family…and well…STRESS!

The biggest stressors remain time and money. Through it all…we can help you save time, enjoy deals, and celebrate without the insanity.

People are gift shopping more than ever. Close to 222 million Americans (85%) plan to purchase gifts for friends and loved ones this holiday season, according to a new NerdWallet survey and analysis.

Shoppers also plan to buy for themselves. And, nearly two-thirds of probable Black Friday/Cyber Monday shoppers (64%) are likely to buy items for themselves or their household on those special sale days. More than a third (34%) say they will probably make the most of the season to stock up on regular household items to use in the coming year.

So, what is the HOT gift in 2023?! In a recent poll, Health and beauty products remain high on the list of common gifts to be purchased and shared.

Taking care of yourself remains among the top tips for self care during what is intended to be the most wonderful time of the year! Including a beauty routine in your daily schedule can help keep you looking and feeling your best. Our Healthy Skin Bundle offers proven clinical results and the perfect place to start. From there we have product, duo or trios that make it easy to choose. Whether it is pampering, a fresh look, or a pop of color for a special party or event, we have a solution.

Our annual gift guide includes wonderful suggestions for each of the skin care gurus, makeup artists and winter lovers in your life…and on your list! Check in with us throughout the season for gift ideas, gift sets and limited-time offers.

And, there is no better way to elevate your spirits than giving back. Through our partnership with Project Beauty Share you can also join us in helping women and families in need by shopping our bought/donated offers in November and December.

Celebrate. Make merry. Make spirits bright! Busy women like you can enjoy the holidays and reduce stress by shopping smart, giving to others and taking time for themselves.

BELIEVE it is within your reach.