Dec 27, 2022

Hide Wrinkles, Bring Back that Twinkle!

Are you noticing wrinkles around your eyes, mouth or cheeks? Although wrinkles are an inevitable part of aging, there are ways to delay their formation, minimize their appearance and slow down their development. They form for many reasons, including genetics, environmental factors, exposure to the sun, poor diet, smoking and age. Wrinkles can also develop from repetitive facial expressions, such as frowning, smiling or squinting.

Keeping skin healthy contributes to a healthy complexion and can slow down the formation of wrinkles. If you are looking for ways to minimize wrinkles and lighten under-eye dark circles, here are some tips and tricks to hide them.  The result will give a healthy look to your skin and help you feel your best, exuding vitality and confidence throughout your day.


Wrinkles are lines and creases on the skin that everyone eventually develops. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, which causes skin to lose fat. Collagen, a natural, fiber-like protein, is a major component of skin, muscle, bone and soft tissue. It is the building block of the skin, providing support, elasticity and structure. Collagen breaks down more quickly for women after menopause and for everyone after the age of 60.

Dermatologists offer practical ways to reduce premature skin aging and slow down wrinkle development. Practicing self care like getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, maintaining a skincare routine and keeping your body hydrated help keep skin healthy and supple. Experts recommend using moisturizers and products with skin-enriching ingredients to balance and protect skin.\

At TrūAura, scientific research goes into every product. Ingredients include probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, natural minerals and plant derivatives proven to preserve the skin’s microbiome, promote collagen production and enhance skin health.


You may have creases between your eyebrows, lines on your cheeks, fine lines around your lips, wrinkles on your neck or crow’s feet around your eyes. Maintaining good hydration, applying makeup properly, selecting colors that complement your skin tone and developing an effective skincare routine are the keys to minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.


Medical professionals emphasize the need to stay hydrated inside and out. Water allows cells to function properly, regulates body temperature, carries nutrients to cells, lubricates joints, protects tissues and helps flush waste from the body.

Water is also associated with skin health. One study demonstrated that drinking more water has a positive effect on skin physiology. Researchers concluded that increasing fluid intake kept skin hydrated with the same effect as using a topical moisturizer. They also observed that increasing water intake added deep hydration to soft tissues, plumping up facial contours, cheeks and forehead.

In addition to increasing water intake for overall physical hydration, you can lock in moisture on the skin with moisture-enhancing products. Clinical trials demonstrated that our core skincare products and Advanced Repair Eye Treatment reduced fine lines by 100%, reduced dark circles by 100%, reduced crow’s feet by 84% and enhanced skin brightness by 95% after eight weeks of use.

Spray Balancing Facial Mist after cleansing morning and evening and before applying moisturizer. It can be used throughout the day over makeup if your skin feels dry. Our Advanced Repair Eye Treatment protects and hydrates the sensitive skin around the eyes. It reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, hydrates the skin and diminishes dark circles under the eyes. Use the built-in applicator to smooth the cream around your eyes, on eyelids and under brows. Gently tap the skin to help absorption.


There are ways to apply makeup to enhance your features, complement your skin color and minimize imperfections. Applying heavy foundation, too much powder or using makeup that does not complement your coloring are makeup mistakes that make wrinkles and skin blemishes look worse.

To start, find a good match for your skin color. If standard colors are not precise enough, blend two together to refine the shade. Before applying any makeup, hydrate your skin with a facial mist. Lock in moisture and nourish the skin with Replenishing Day Lotion.

Using undereye concealer helps cover dark circles and protects the sensitive skin around your eyes. Use a dab of eye serum below your eyes, and wait for it to absorb. While you wait, apply eye makeup to the upper lid. After the serum absorbs, apply undereye concealer, selecting a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Dot at the outer corner of each eye to minimize dark circles. Gently sweep it upward with a soft makeup brush.

It sounds crazy,…

but this makeup hack really works to create an even complexion.

Here is another way to apply concealer to brighten the face and harmonize color. Apply a light coating of orangish-red lipstick from cheekbone to cheekbone, sweeping over nose. Dot with small dabs of concealer. Blend the two colors together with a slightly moist, latex-free makeup sponge or a medium-sized makeup brush.

Smooth out the contours of your face with a light coat of foundation. TrūAura’s liquid and powder foundations come in shades with yellow, pink and neutral undertones. If you need help selecting one that complements your skin tones, contact a TrūAura beauty consultant to help. They know our products and can help you select products that will work well with your complexion. If you are not sure, our Beige Perfect liquid and powder foundations are a neutral color that works with most skin tones.

Blend foundation with a makeup sponge to get an even, light coverage. Our powder foundations are formulated to reduce shine, lock in moisture and smooth out lines. They do not cake or settle into fine lines, giving an even look to your skin that lasts all day. Our liquid foundations contain natural oils, probiotics and vitamins that nourish skin.

After the foundation, set your makeup with a setting spray or a light coating of powder to lock in moisture and keep your makeup in place. Brush off any excess powder.

A good skincare routine is the basis for healthy, attractive skin. Cleansing skin morning and evening, keeping skin hydrated and using products that protect skin from ultraviolet rays and environmental pollutants contribute to an effective wrinkle treatment regimen. You will glow and twinkle throughout your day.

At TrūAura, we want every woman to look and feel her best. Check out the TrūAura Loyalty Club for discounts on products. You will receive orders every two to three months of products you select. We deliver right to your doorstep,and shipping is free for orders over $120. Contact us for help in selecting products that work with your skin type and lifestyle. We can also help you find a personal TrūAura beauty consultant who lives near you.