Inspo and ideas for looks for the New Year are everywhere.

Starting with December 31, make your first resolution to bring in the new year with a makeup look that reflects your spontaneity and spirit and sets the standard for your 2024.

The makeup trends for 2024 are vast and the borders are blurring and colliding. Maximalism, minimalism, and nostalgic 90s vibes are happening, trending and waiting for you to jump in.

In a year when Barbie Pink broke the internet, blush tones are still highly favored and leaning toward pinkish red. These are unconventional times, so your shade choices can be out of the box as well.

Latte and Mocha Makeup are among two of the top trends for this fall and winter..

What is the difference between the two? A quick explanation would be Mocha Makeup focuses on deeper browns (chocolate browns) and tends to be fully matte. While Latte Makeup uses chocolate browns, lighter golden browns AND a shimmery or satin finishes.

“If you’re waiting for an opportunity to experiment with different makeup than the type you usually wear, New Year’s Eve is the time to break from your old skincare and makeup routine and go for it!”

Here are our top 3 product picks for a beautiful New Year!
  1. Healthy Skin Bundle: Get the skincare products and eye treatment for daily maintenance and support. These products are clinically proven to be safe and effective.
  2. Hair Care Duo: Our moisturizing shampoo and conditioner support the balance of the scalp microbiome and help promote healthy, luxurious hair.
  3. Clean Color Makeup: Build your perfect look from eyes to cheeks to lips with our full selection of microbiome clean products.

Dramatic eyes are always a “yes” for parties and events, so are smoky shades, stellar shine and metallics.

To help you make it memorable and to take the steps toward your best year ever…Here’s a suggestion for a New Year’s Eve makeup that can help lock down your look.


  • Highlighting Bronzer
  • Perfect Powder Foundation 
  • Highlights Color Balance Eyeshadow
  • Coffee Shop Color Balance Eyeshadow
  • Cranberries Eyeshadow Crayon Duo
  • Bare Moisture Balance Lip Gloss
  • Cashmere Moisture Balance Lip Gloss

Our Brand Partners and Ambassadors can help you design an eye or overall makeup look that matches the style and tone of your event and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. You can also feel confident in your clean, microbiome-friendly skincare and makeup choices.