Jun 23, 2021

Self-Care Rituals: Quick Tips from the Spa

Beautiful woman with moisturized skin


While going to the spa is an occasional luxury, it’s easier than ever to give yourself spa quality skincare at home, anytime you feel like it. Whether you have 15 minutes or 2 hours, here are our favorite tips for showing yourself a little love and appreciation with some self-care rituals that are straight from the spa.


Get a spa-like ‘detoxification’ treatment for your skin with a Purifying Charcoal Mask. Applying this product to cleansed skin will help to draw out deeper impurities, and is enriched with Saccharomyces/ Xylinum/ Black Tea Ferment (Kombucha).

For an even more relaxing experience, try making yourself a hot herbal tea to pair with the experience so you can nourish your skin from the inside and out.


Pore detox with Truaura Charcoal detox mask Using a product with some deep hydration, like our Replenishing Day Lotion or our Replenishing Night Cream, gently massage your face in circular upwards motions.

The benefits of doing this? If you’re prone to retaining excess water, gentle facial massage can actually help reduce puffing and water retention.

Facial massage can also help relieve any built-up tension in your facial muscles — the forehead and brow areas and jaw areas especially.

Lastly, don’t forget about bringing your skincare down to your neck, an area with delicate skin and muscles that are prone to feeling stressed!


No matter who you are, or what your schedule, it’s so important to set aside time to take care of yourself. Whether it’s skincare, or something else, it’s too easy to put off self-care with all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Like everything else, consistency in small doses tends to yield incredible rewards — so take that extra 15 minutes and start treating yourself to something just for you everyday.