Your overall skin wellness is our primary focus.

Our products are made with safe and healthy, clinically-proven, high-quality ingredients that nourish your skin, much in the same way a healthy diet nourishes your body.

Your overall skin wellness is our primary focus. We create healthy skincare products that are natural, clean and safe, formulated with natural prebiotic and probiotic ingredients that specifically protect and nurture your unique skin flora. Skin flora are frequently (and more correctly) referred to as the skin microbiome.

We are passionate about our gentle and effective microbiome-friendly skincare products and very excited to open this new door that leads to healthier, naturally beautiful skin.

We invite you to experience redefining natural beauty. Experience TrūAura.

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Learn more about our product philosophy, and the benefits of microbiome-friendly skincare for the health of your skin. Also visit our blog for tips, articles and great info about microbiome-friendly skincare and overall wellness.

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We are passionate about helping others...and building confidence.

In fact...Our Mission is to build confidence through nurturing and developing the self-esteem and true potential of every person we touch with our brand, our products and our entrepreneurial business opportunity.

Learn more about how TrūAura changes lives. Not only through our products but through an incredible business opportunity and community of like-minded people.

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