Aug 18, 2021

Going Beyond Beauty: Caring for our Community



The day to day activities of most of the TrūAura team are definitely focused on beauty. Anything from working on makeup shades to formulas or packaging — there’s a lot that goes into making a beauty brand exist.

Our team has always believed that there’s more to beauty than what’s visible to the naked eye. Whether it’s the microbiome, or the glow of someone who feels confident in their own skin, the essence of true beauty is difficult to describe in technical terms.

One thing that we’ve always found beautiful is a strong and vibrant community. A true community has a way of making everyone feel like they belong, welcoming those who are new, taking care of those who need help, and celebrating together.

We try to do our part through our TrūGiving initiatives.

Through this platform and a spirit of intentional giving, we can help build a community that is better, together.

In 2020, we donated $4,351 to help Grace’s Table. They provide essential counselling services, life training and education to young mothers.

Our donation was designated to help them raise money to purchase the house they gather in and where some also live.

This month, we donated $1,250 to Compassion, an international organization focused on nutrition, medical care, educational support, to help children escape poverty and provide hope. Our donation helped in the sponsorship of a child.

This fall, we are supporting Project Beauty Share!

Project Beauty Share is a connector organization working between donors to provide personal hygiene, cosmetics and beauty products to non-profit organizations who serve women and families overcoming abuse, addiction, homelessness and poverty to help restore hope and dignity in their lives.

We committed to donate one Color Product Set to Project Beauty Share resulting in a total of 261 product sets to be donated.

If you want to learn more about their cause, visit To shop the collections to help support our fall initiative, please visit