Sep 06, 2022

What does TrūAura Mean to You?

What does TrūAura Mean to You?

We polled our beauty consultants (who are also customers) from across the U.S. to find out why they chose TrūAura makeup and skincare, and how our beauty products have made an impact on their lives. Let’s dive in!


“I love TrūAura for so many reasons. First, the incredible products! I LOVE knowing I am sharing safe and effective products with others that can help them have amazing skin! It means so much to me to share the products with an entire family all in the same bottle! This saves them time and money! Second, what an income! I can share TrūAura right from my phone! I never have to wait until I get back to the office to make my money! It offers me a fun, flexible income! I can work whenever I need to or want to! That constantly amazes me!” – Saralyn Ostwinkle, Maquoketa, IA


“Using and promoting TrūAura products means that I don’t have to worry about the products or ingredients I am using on my skin. I have no hesitation in sharing these products with people. I could never sell a product I didn’t believe in. Not only are the products super clean, they work and make your skin feel great! When you use the make up, you get the double benefit of using products that make your skin look great while nourishing the microbiome. I think everyone should know about TrūAura Beauty.” – Michael Ann Dillinger, Hernando, MS


“One of the reasons I love TrūAura is because I know and trust our leadership and our products. I feel so fortunate to represent such a great company with great products that are “good for the whole family”. This has allowed me to meet all kinds of women … from my loyal customers to my awesome team.

Another very important reason is the flexibility of being my own boss and setting my own schedule. I also LOVE to shop and go to Starbucks, so I have time for both of these PLUS I have the cash to do so!! I also have 3 daughters, and they like Starbucks too.

My hubby and I love to travel. Thanks to our tech suite and loyalty program people can always shop with me! It’s fun to know that I can help people and earn some extra money while I do!” – Karen Echele, Saint Charles, MO


I have a long list of reasons I love TrūAura. If I had to, I could list my top 3 as follows:

  1. I love the results I get with our microbiome friendly products created with the Product Development leadership of Mr. Gary Jones. I fear what I would look like without Gary’s product! Lol
  2. I love our company! Rick Heath, his family and the entire TrūAura staff at home office are dedicated to making our company be the leader of the pack in safe, clean healthy skin care. I’m proud to say they each are trustworthy, honest and caring.
  3. My TrūAura business gives me purpose by enabling me to empower women with confidence. I love to help my clients achieve all their beauty wishes with our products.

My biggest passion is helping my consultants achieve their lifestyle goals by successfully building a business that meets their financial goals. I love coaching and guiding and mentoring! – Becky Pierce, Orlando, FL


“When I think of TrūAura, so many things come to mind. I instantly think beyond clean beauty, microbiome friendly, healthy, good for you, safe, easy, fun, new, on trend, luxurious, family, friends, sharing, girl time, confidence builder, extra income, freedom. TrūAura is a way of life! TrūAura is my future! “ – Jill Denson, Cypress, TX


“I LOVE TrūAura for many reasons. Absolutely hands down my skin has never been better. The product is amazing!! Having the opportunity to represent a company on the leading edge of the microbiome revolution, which is one of the fastest growing movements within premium skin care markets excites me to share with everyone!! I love working in a culture where everyone works together, we share the same goals and have a sense of purpose within the business. It creates such a great atmosphere knowing we all have the same common goal to empower women to look and feel their best. I love the sense of community TrūAura offers to everyone from our clients to our field of consultants. TrūAura is fun, challenging, friendly, rewarding in so many ways, very flexible and most of all supportive. I love my TrūAura family.” – Tammy Clary, Spartanburg, SC


“I love my husband and two sons and wouldn’t trade them for ANYTHING. But I enjoy girl time though, and that’s exactly what TrūAura helps me have… girl time!! I also love how the products are good for my clients and me!! I love helping people accentuate their God-given beauty!!” – Blakely Stephenson, Eufaula, AL


As you can see, the TrūAura Beauty brand has left lasting impressions on our customers and beauty consultants. We invite you to learn more about who we are, shop our growing collection of Clean Color Makeup and Microbiome-Friendly Skincare. If you fall in love with our products, reach out to join our family of beauty consultants today!